Development Investment Construction JSC (DIG : HOSE)

DIG1Sep09 : Listing Report, FPT Securities, 1 Sep 2009.

DIG24Nov10 : Initiate Coverage, Thang Long Securities, 24 Nov 2010.

DIG11Jan11 : “Fun in the sun and a round of golf”, VietCapital Securities, 11 Jan 2011.

DIG18Jul11 : “Premium landbank at a discount to NAV”, VietCapital Securities, 18 Jul 2011.

DIG19Sep11 : “Lower FY11 target”, Sacombank Securities, 19 Sep 2011.

DIG21Sep11 : “Still cheap, but no rush to buy”, Kim Eng Securities, 21 Sep 2011.

DIG2Dec11 : “Expecting higher earnings in 4Q2011″, Sacombank Securities, 2 Dec 2011.

DIG1Mar12 : “Diversified landbank will get it through tough times”, VietCapital Securities, 1 Mar 2012.

DIG9Aug12 : “Weak 2H, possible stake transfer”, VietCapital Securities, 9 Aug 2012.

DIG6Jun13 : “Past sales closing, no new developments”, VietCapital Securities, 6 Jun 2013.

DIG25Apr14 : “Reboot”, RongViet Securities, 25 Apr 2014.


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