Pha Lai Thermal Power JSC (PPC : HOSE)

Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock Company (PPC) was formerly a factory in Chi Linh district, Hai Duong province of Electricity Number 1 Company in 1982. Until 1995, the factory was under control of EVN. During 2005, PPC was transformed into Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock Company, becoming an independent company. One year later, PPC stocks were officially traded on the Ha Noi Stock Exchange. Since 2007, PPC stock has been approved for listing on the Hochiminh Stock Exchange. With a total capacity of 1,040 MW, PPC is one of the largest coal- fired power plants in Vietnam. To date, the company is still operating at its 95 to 100% of capacity, playing a vital role in ensuring the nation’s energy security.

PPC produces six billion kWh per year, equivalent to 5% of total national output. In comparison to production cost, PPC uses coal to produce electricity, which has a higher cost than a hydropower plant but is cheaper than a gas turbine power plant. As such, in the current context of power contribution to the national grid and production cost, PPC is relatively competitive to other power plants.

PPC has two associate companies – North Power Service and Hai Phong Thermal power.

Phao Son Hamlet, Pha Lai Town, Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province
Phone: +84 (320) 388-1126
Fax: +84 (320) 388-1338

Web Address:

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